Pure Planta Cooking Competition
Enter the Pure Planta Cooking Competition NOW!

enjoy getting creative with plant-based ingredients

show-off your cooking genius

share your recipe and creation via social media and inspire others

submit your application to win wonderful prizes and recognition for your cooking flair

finalists compete live at the Pure Planta Food Fiesta, Brisbane Powerhouse, October 21 

explore your entrepreneurial potential


Cooking Competition Guidelines


Each entry should include:

 (a) applicant name(s)

 (b) recipe of your plant-based meal (e.g. name of your creation, ingredients, preparation method, preparation time, ingredient cost, and nutritional information when available)*

(c) pictures of your plant-based meal (include you or your team in the picture if possible)

(d) description of you or your team and a short story - what inspired you, why you love the recipe and why others should (optional)

 (e) email your entry with details of (a), (b), (c) & (d) to: contact@pureplanta.org

 (f) share the recipe and pictures on Facebook (#pureplanta) and/or Instagram (@pureplantafood)

*Plant-based food ingredients only. Please do not include any dairy, meat, or eggs. Nuts are allowed.

Note: meal preparation and cooking time (if any) must be less than 90 minutes (= time limit for live Cooking Competition)

Terms and Conditions

Plant-based food ingredients only. Please do not include any dairy, meat, or eggs. Nuts are allowed.

Recipes should be your original creations (i.e. not knowingly copied) or adaptations of known recipes (e.g. adaptations to make a meal plant-based).

[Intellectual Property]
Please do not copy the written description of others' recipes (i.e. do not copy exact ingredients and description of method) as this may amount to copyright infringement. 
The organisers of Pure Planta do not claim any right to any intellectual property created by Cooking Competition entrants. Entrants may own any IP they create and/or protect, and are free to get their own advice before entering.  
Entrants to the Pure Planta Cooking Competition agree that their recipes, creations, and photos of same may be shared on the Pure Planta website and social media and by third parties.

[Number of Entries] 
Individuals or teams may apply with more than one recipe & creation.
However, only one entry per individual/team may be selected for the finals.

Applicants may comprise individuals or teams.
If the entry is by a team, note that if you make it to the finals, a maximum of 2 team members may compete in the live Cooking Competition.
Applicants (or at least one member of a team) must be available to compete at the live Cooking Competition finals at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 21 October 2017, and will be responsible for any transport or accommodation they may require. 

Selection of Finalists

All applications shared on social media and submitted to contact@pureplanta.org
will be reviewed by a panel of Brisbane’s finest culinary experts.

The top 3 teams will be invited to compete in the grand final at the Brisbane Powerhouse on October 21, 2017, before a live audience of foodies and culinary experts.

 Criteria for Selecting Finalists & Winners

Finalists will be chosen by the Pure Planta judging panel, including culinary experts.
Judging criteria includes:
*cooking flair
*delicious &/or nutritious
*inspiring (e.g., loved, shared &/or tried by others on social media)

Winners will be chosen by a live judging panel including culinary experts
plus a lucky few audience members randomnly selected at the Pure Planta Food Fiesta.

Live Cooking Competition Final

The top 3 eligible teams judged from entries shared on social media and submitted to Pure Planta will be invited to compete in a liveCooking Competition at Pure Planta Food Fiesta on 21 October 2017.

Each team will have a total of 90 minutes to prepare meals based on their recipe. A maximum of 2 people/team can be in the kitchen.

The winners of the Pure Planta Cooking Competition will receive a prize (a package of products and/or services provided by Pure Planta's partners) plus recognition and opportunities to showcase their creations and build a name or venture.